Women's healthcare needs an upgrade.

You need a healthcare provider who will listen compassionately to your concerns, and not dismiss your symptoms as 'normal'. 

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I believe when women have their health, they are unstoppable.

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The birth control pill is not a hormonal solution. You deserve a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Does this mean we hate the birth control pill? No, but it shouldn't be your only option.

By combining the best of evidence-based medicine with traditional health practices, we can get to the root cause of your concern. You don't need to let your hormones run the show.


I believe that education has the most impact on your health. My favourite principle of Naturopathic Medicine is Docere, or Doctor as Teacher. I ensure all my patients understand the why of what we are doing. My patients understand their body and have all of their questions answered.

You can't solve all your health care needs with the click of a button, but if you're looking for a place to start, I've created a FREE Healthy Hormones Checklist.



I'm Dr. Kristen.

A naturopathic doctor dedicated to helping women navigate their cycles and live in sync with their hormones.

I take overwhelmed women from dreading their time of the month to welcoming it regularly.