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Self-Love for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is without a doubt a Hallmark Holiday - just watching the price of flowers and chocolate go up before this day is astounding.

But it can be a great reason to draw your attention to love.

I know Valentine's Day is marketed as more of a romantic love holiday, and it certainly does feel nice to have a partner to celebrate Valentine's day with. However, it's important to value all kinds of love in your life. Whether that be romantic love, family love, friendship love, pet love, and don't forget self-love!

If today is not a joyous day for you, I encourage you to really focus on your self-love.

Here are some ideas to show yourself some love today:

  1. Get outside (even if only for 5 min).

  2. Put your favourite outfit on (yes, even if your favourite outfit is PJs)

  3. Make yourself your favourite meal, or order in your favourite take-out.

  4. Move your body - whether this is an exercise class you love, a YouTube video class, or a walk around the block.

  5. Reduce your technology intake today - this could mean avoiding social media today, less video games, fewer episodes of TV binged, take your pick!

  6. Get playful - one important element of self-love we forget as adults is to play! This could look like playing with your kids, learning a new hobby like painting, or playing a sport you used to love as a kid. This is your opportunity to get creative!

If you're interested in testing out a step-by-step self-love exercise today, make sure you check out my latest Instagram Post!

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