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Digestion for Hormone Health

You've heard the saying "you are what you eat" - right? Well, "you are what you digest and absorb" is a bit more accurate!

If you have anything hormonal going on in regards to your health, the first place I look is to your gut health.

The gut is the centre of everything in your body. It breaks down food to be made into energy, it fights off bad bugs to prevent you from getting sick, it clears out toxins from your system, and so much more!

The gut plays a huge role in hormonal health because to maintain optimal levels of your hormones, your detox pathways need to be working really well.

Your biggest detoxification route in your body is through your digestive system. Think about all the toxins and waste your body doesn't want anymore - how do they get out? Through your poop!

If you're not having regular bowel movements, you can get a build up of toxins and waste in the digestive system. The longer that waste stays in the body, the more opportunities there are for your body to reabsorb junk it should be getting rid of.

Think about cleaning out your house for a yard sale - if you put everything you don't want in your living room and then look at it every single day for a week, I'm sure your pulling stuff back out that you convince yourself you "need". Your gut is the same, so you need to get those toxins out in a timely manner so there's no time to reabsorb!

The more important elements we don't want the opportunity to reabsorb are our hormones. If the body has decided it is clearing out estrogen or testosterone, then it needs to leave the system. Without proper bowel movements we give our body time to reabsorb the hormones we need to get rid of - throwing everything out of whack.

If you're not having at least one bowel movement every single day, we need to talk about how we can get things moving for you!

Even if constipation isn't an issue for you, if you're struggling with regular bloating, diarrhea, heartburn or reflux - your digestion likely needs a helping hand.

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